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U.S. Green Building Council
The U.S. Green Building Council ("USGBC") is a non-profit organization committed to a prosperous and sustainable future for the United States of America through cost-efficient and energy-saving green buildings.  The USGBC developed the LEED® rating system.

GreenerBuildings Web Site 
This web site has numerous building development resources to help organizations of all sizes and sectors understand and address building design, construction, and operation in environmentally responsible manner.

Rocky Mountain Institute
The Rocky Mountain Institute ("RMI) is an independent nonprofit organization that drives the efficient and restorative use of resources.  RMI is dedicated to research, publication, consulting, and lecturing in the general field of sustainability, with a special focus on energy production, use, and conservation.

Sustainable Buildings Industry Council

The Sustainable Buildings Industry Council ("SBIC") provides design software and other resources for saving energy in buildings and effectively using solar energy.

Sustainable Energy Coalition
The Sustainable Energy Coalition ("SEC") brings together more than 60 national and state-level business, environmental, consumer, and energy policy organizations.  The SEC promotes increased federal support for energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies and reduced federal support for unsafe or pollution energy resources.